Pinterest -A love hate relationship!

I have spent many hours on Pinterest pinning all kinds of great stuff- when I only went on there for one recipe.  Am I the only one this happens too? Also , am I the only one that checks out the food pages when I am hungry and it will be hours before I eat again.

How many of us actually use a lot the pins we post. Well I am taking a 30 day challenge,  I will try one pin everyday that are on posted to my boards. From this challenge I hope to have learned something new,  or tried a new food. Continue reading



I am thankful that I opened my eyes today – I am thankful for the prayers people send me every day,  especially the strangers. I am thankful for the time I spent with my mom today . I am even thankful for the pain I feel- my nerves may feel like they are on fire but at least I know I am alive, I will be brave and smile through this pain. And I will be thankful for another day!



Hello beautiful people,  I hope your new year is starting out fantastic!  I have been slowly working on a project for the last few months and I really thinking I need put more effort into it. Since, I have been classified as disabled for the moment by my doctors and I am unable to work – I have been doing a lot of cooking for my mom and I am really learning about the foods I am cooking- every time I use a new ingredient or spice I research the orgin of the how it should be cook, how it should be stored . My sister is also Vegan so I have been stretching my culinary comfort zone, if you want to stretch the box it can be hard to cook Vegan when your not use to doing it. If you want to cook something simple then it’s  your alright. 

So , once a week I will be sharing a new ingredient,  or a new recipe and what I thought about the flavor, textures,  and if it’s a dish that will make it permanently to my cook book.

Before I was told I couldn’t work for awhile- I was working in the culinary field persueing a dream, a passion and though I was a cook and I loved it,  I want more. I don’t want cancer and hear failure to hold me back and when I get to go back to work I want to be knowledge in as many areas that I can be .

I wish my readers love, health, and safety! 


DIY Dog Treats! ; Wheat-free Apple Dog Cookies

Nikie Maltese


If you follow Nikie’s instagram, you would know that he has sensitive skin and some food allergies. After having him for five months now, I sort of deduced that he can’t really take wheat or milk products. Homemade treats/food are good because you know what exactly is added into what your dog eats and you can choose healthier ingredients such as organic products etc. So, here is a healthy wheat free apple dog treats recipe for your pup!

Adapted from Kim Lam’s article on 10 easy wheat free dog treats ( view original recipes here )

Ingredients you’ll need:

  • 2 and 1/2 cup rice flour ( brown rice flour is a better option but I couldn’t get it at the time I was at the supermarket )
  • 2 tbsp ground flax seed
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 3/4 cup apple puree ( I used about 200g )
  • 1/4 cup cold…

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GRATITUDE- just something on my mind

People these days seem to busy -always running that they don’t take the time to be grateful for what they’ve got.
The more grateful you are the more you will receive in life. Be grateful for the food in your stomach and the clothes on your back , there are so many people I’ve met through the year that have to choose between the two but they are happy to have either of them. Make this part of your New Year- every morning wake up and thank God Or Who ever you Pray to.  Thank God that you woke up that morning,  thank god for the job you have, thank him for the roof over your head,  the food in your stomach,  and the clothes on your back.  Thank him for your family and friends.  Give back and pay it forward,  the more that you are grateful the more you will receive. 


Reading List 2015

I have spent months sitting at home not allowed to do much because of illness. Often times watching TV and if I were lucky I would have an outing to the grocery store over the weekend.  Well, there is only so much TV that one can handle, I’ve started to watch reality television shows because it is like a car accident you just can’t look away. I finally had enough and had to stop watching as much television and decided I had to start exercising the brain before I went insane. I first started reading the “Twilight” series again, yes I am a Twilight fan. It is an easy read but I want to challenge my self .

So while mindlessly clicking through pinterest pages one day I came across a reading challenge for 2015. It gives you all these questions to make you think out of comfort zone when it comes to reading,  it gets you to think of new authors or new genres to try that you normally would not consider. 

My first book that I am going to read for the new year is “Unspeakable” by Kevin O’Brien. This book meets a few of the challenges for 2015. It is a new author to me the, the book is 500 pages and it is a new genre to me. I look forward to exercise my brain while I am sitting at home working on healing my body. I look forward to to explore new books and authors. I encourage others to explore the list and take on the reading challenge of 2015. And if you have any recommendations of books to read please feel free to leave me a comment below!